A Crash Course in the Haven Chronicles

Haven is the largest city on the planet, larger by inhabited area and population than the next four cities in the world combined. You can find anything you could imagine somewhere in its districts, from political intrigue and high finance to drugs and territory wars.

In many ways, Haven is exactly the kid of city you might expect to find in our world (except for the size), but one key factor sets it apart. Magic evolved alongside science, each somewhat influencing the other. Some of the things we take for granted never occurred to the people of Haven – electricity does not exist as we know it, and there are no computers – but other concessions to modernization were developed in their own way.

You’ll find the usual assortment of “classic” fantasy races living in Haven, bringing their own distinct talents to the growth of the city: Elven artists, Dwarven architects, and so on. The city is a true melting pot, influencing the whole world and being influenced in turn.

In short, Haven is what you make of it. So what will you make of it?